People often rave about cool ideas and great strategies in all companies big and small. I used to believe on the same lines for a while until I entered business school and saw the massive divide between thinkers and doers.

I know several great ‘idea people’ who amaze everyone by their innovative ideas for the world they live in, the companies they work for and for themselves. But many of them are just not able to execute or actualize any of their plans and ideas. As a result ideas remain just that – ideas! And that’s how I believe the phrase came about – ‘ideas are dime a dozen’.

One needs to have energy and execution to be able to make meaning of ideas. The ability to put thought into action and the motivation to drive things to fruition and generate measurable results are critical aspects for producing real, tangible success. Jack Welch’s 4Es also include Energy and Execution as two key factors behind successful business leaders.

People who give too much credit to ideas waste too much time in perfecting their ideas as a result wasting too much time in getting started. I see tons of people at work creating pretty slides and sitting in countless meetings to perfect their ‘ideas’. The counter intuitive thing is to get started. If one starts executing quickly, they will not only encounter potential problems sooner but are also able to solve them more effectively because there is a real context.

There’s just a small catch though. It’s not sufficient to run fast and get things done, you also need to run in a fairly right direction. Otherwise you achieve results but they are not sizeable and meaningful.

The reason I am typing this post is because I am seeing a lot of poor execution around me these days. These people and the companies they are in are unable to execute and are continuously attributing it to a wrong strategy or a bad idea. My simple answer to them “stop analyzing too much and get things done!”

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