I have never felt pain by the death of someone who I didn’t know personally. Today, I feel a strange ache by his demise.
Unlike many in the US, I really came to know about Apple only a decade ago. I was working on a product in 2001 at Citrix, a long time Microsoft partner. Suddenly, there was an increased emphasis to support Mac. And I learned that it was because the Citrix leadership was so sure, that with Jobs at helm, big things are bound to come from Apple. And they did for the next decade!
First came the iPod, then the iPhone, and then the iPad; the cool things we could do with this technology was great. But the most important thing was that it was an amazing emotional experience every time I went through the process of researching, buying and using any of these products. And each time, the love just kept growing!
There are many good leaders. But no one inspires and touches you like him. He knew how to create a cult. He knew how to bring the most out of people. He knew better than anyone else why less is more. He was guided by his inner voice like no one else. He came out of failures in ways no one can even dream of. He knew how to live life, because he understood death so well. He lived, he truly lived!
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