Jul 102008

The web is still a beatly thing and it’s hard to get grips around the vastness of it. There is so much variety and so much to learn and do.

Jul 102008

Jan 072007

Knicks and Nuggets Brawl – Anthony punches Mardy Collins
Jul 282006

Strong belief and conviction can drive away fear.

Jul 252006

Service industry related to housing is one big scam in south Florida. Any kind of service is a rip off especially when most of the work can be done very easily and in very little time. For example, I have been waiting for over a year to get my tiles placed on my house. Hurricane Wilma hasn’t helped me much because the demand has shot up exponentially! Let’s hope that some day the service industry down here becomes more efficient.

Jul 252006

It beats me completely and I don’t know what it could be? It requires a ton of patience! And the point of eruption has almost come…

Jul 022006

Brazil lost rather cheaply to France today. Everyone’s hopes, including mine, came to a mere nothing. And the worst part was that Brazil hardly put up a competition. It didn’t seem like soccer world cup. Well let’s see if Mo’s predictions come right and if France end’s up winning the world cup.

Jul 022006

It’s been a while since I have posted here. Lot’s of things have happened since I last posted here. Deepu’s married, I am going to move and so on and so forth. The wedding went on very smoothly and everyone was very happy the way it went about. I was glad that we could put it up in a fashion that it didn’t appear too Marwari or Telugu. It was a point to everyone that things can appear neutral and we are all the same after all.

Jan 222006

Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it’s cowardice. -George Jackson

Nov 142005

These days I’ve been reading Gandhi’s autobiography ‘My Experiments with Truth’. It’s written in such simple language it feels like you are talking to him; well that may be an exaggeration but nevertheless it’s very gripping. Also it’s my oppurtunity to get some historical facts right and get more knowledgable about my own country and it’s leaders.

Oct 132005

Smart and interesting is better than plain smart,
Smart, interesting and with dreams to make a difference is better than smart and interesting,
Smart, interesting, with dreams to make a difference and with the ability to actually do it is better than smart, interesting and with dreams to make a difference.

Aug 082005

Ishi, Thaalank and I had a time of our lives. We rock’n rolled, partied, ate, chilled and what not! It was awesome. Whether they remember or not when they grow up I definitely had one helluva time.

Jul 212005

Where the hell is the train going? It is mercilessly, tirelessly chugging away – but it does not know which station it’s going to. The train has no passengers in it. It’s travelled tons of places but it has no idea where the next stop is. Neither does it remember the places it has been to. All it’s doing is burning coal and steaming away. It’s as good as an empty boat left to flow along with a slow stream of water.
- Unknown

Jun 132005

Need a change, enough of this bull s#!@

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