Got the library and language selection ready. Pretty basic code was required. Tomorrow verify with Amit, and then take the plunge and complete all the stuff FAST.


How u doing Sovrin?


If anyone thinks these are cryptic, please email for explanations.


Two very interesting points

1) Mobile phones will take some time before they gain the reliability equal to that of a land line.

2) WiFi hot spots are like telephone booths. One has to find it. We need something more ubiquitous than that.


D and H think that there is a big attempt here to sound cryptic :)


“If you resign now, it means that Göring believes more in his principles than you do in yours”.


Good day after two Riviera issues got clarity. Tomorrow the roll begins with the goal of finishing changes by end of the week. Lets see how it goes.


Scent of a Woman is indeed one of my all time favorites – the dance scene, the Ferrari speeding and the speech in the Baird hall are all astuonding. And – Al Pacino is THE man. Also saw the movie Anger Management — was a let down. However, I got some fundas about Java and RDF cleared up when I returned.


It was a tiring day, though not much work happened. I played around with new Microsoft stuff today. Windows Server 2003 is pretty neat. I like the idea of lockdown components. One Note seems cool for people who are into a lot of meetings and note taking. InfoPath at first glance looks primarily for form creating and filling. Share point rocks but I think setting up is slightly complicated and requires some learning first. I am trying right now to install the Document Management Server. Lots of interesting things!! And seems to be fun.


Is this what the war is about?


Have been in the TGIF mood since yesterday evening. Let’s get the design document for Riviera ready by evening. Then the plan is to watch a movie today evening – Anger Management. Two of my comedy favorites star in it – Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson.


The back up utility looks and works awesome.


These guys dont understand and neither do they question things. They love to be goodie-goodie, talk cursory and make their presence felt. Argument and questioning spawns creative thinking, which they completely dont believe in. Interesting and informative web site..


H, I like the idea of calling us atrio. So how is thesis coming along, are you making good progress towards the April 15th deadline.

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