May 2nd, 2003 and you have made a decision. Q had worked out for H few weeks back. Now, H has accepted Q. This is a landmark day as S likes to put it. Things have worked out amidst all odds.

Good luck H for Q.


Man!! Sushi sucks! And on top of that there was so much MSG that its knocking me off to sleep.


All riviera completed – developed, unit tested and checked in. Pretty fast turn around.




Read some RDF stuff but hardly assimilated anything. Good night for now and catch you tomorrow folks. Chill!


VB code now works like a charm. VB is very convenient if you use it right dude. All the code worked in one shot.


Day started bad. Flat tire first thing in the morning. Came to work at 1:30pm. All I could do was check in changes from yesterday. Then went to Hot Shots. Somehow I got bored within no time. Back to work sent out some emails. Now got to eat something. Am pretty hungry. Lets see what I can find this late.


Got a personal email from BobK. Note this day!!


Can you beat that!! CTXS closed at 18.16 (+2.73/+17.69%). This is the highest gain in a day while I have been here. And given the feeble economy, this is impressive.

Hopefully some of this gain converts into money for me. Let’s see.


Very hectic day! Lot of time has gone away to get done what was left from yesterday. Hopefully this is final. Tomorrow unit testing and then down to PMC stuff.


Today I have to finish the COM object completely and move on to making changes within the AMC. You got to finish it!!


It is so bugging that I can’t use CString inside C++ code that includes windows.h. I had to rewrite the entire class using _t functions. It works now. Have to check closely if there are any string corruptions possible because of strtok. That’s for tomorrw …


The personal section is finally up.


A long day! Lots of work got done. Though a lot more was identified to be done. And have to identify a way to deal with the host.dll problem.


Awesome Honda ad

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