I feel stronger about it now. It will happen.


To convert the impossible to possible – thats what Deepu is capable of. To dream and to have the strength to achieve those dreams, thats what Deepu is made of. To invent and having the vision to invent, thats what Deepu is going to achieve in years to come. I am proud of you Deepu. You make us all proud and giving you a standing ovation. This is just way too EXCITING.


I think I will never forget this day, May 19th, 2003. In this economy, to get a job itself is a big feat…to get a good job is all the more difficult, but to get a DREAM JOB, is something most of us do not think of. The offer from Nokia Research Center is a DREAM JOB indeed. I am convinced, that its quite difficult to impress people as proficient as Dr. Ora Lassila, and to work side by side with him is an honor. Whenever I used to talk to Jari Malinen (Nokia Research with Dr. Charlie Perkins), I used to wonder that it must be feeling so great to work with a visionary like him and now that Deepu has got a chance, I am sure all of us will get to know how it feels.

Deepu, you have worked hard over your masters program and there cannot be a better end to this, than a job in NRC. More and more of these “seemingly impossible” feat that deepu accomplishes, I am made to believe that this girl is definitely born for a cause. For once I am at a loss of words. Heartiest Congratulations and you’ve made the impossible possble.

Its time to sit back and relish this moment. Enjoy the feat. I am proud of you.


Sovrin Bhai.


Deepu has made it to Nokia Research Center as a Research Engineer!! What better deal can one ask for. This is an incredible and impressive acheivement. And I believe this is just the beginning of many great things that she is going to acheive in the coming years. Deepu girl rocks!!


Moving out of Spectrum today to the old 6400 building. Moving out is not a great feeling.


Learnt some interesting global development stuff about how MS manages to support about 24 localized languages and upto 136 locales. Its amazing the kind of stuff they ouput. We should also do it that way.


Finally checked in security fix!


I am not at all able to concentrate today!!


It is important that one wades through all the thought processes to latch on to a single small concept that you instinctively feel will reap results..It is important that one dosent let that small concept “die”…keep it burning…and fire will soon spread.


Human Mind is a beautiful thing..it just amazes me how it can parallelize so many dimensions at the same time !!


Was surprised by a problem caused because of CEvent security attributes. Luckily found a way to deal with it and everything rock ‘n’ rolls now. Can go back home happily on Fri evening. Actually will go to HotBreads today. Hope its going to be as good as it was in Chennai.


Found out an interesting way to solve the IUSR account problem that has minimal impact and code changes. Code works like a charm, just a few glitches to straighten out.


4% is not a small raise!


Citrix stock $20.00 at the moment. Hope it stays there till August so that I make some money.


Thanks Atrio :)

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