This is pretty late in the office!! I didnt expect filling out the MBOs would take this long. And I think I will have to be here again tomorrow for AMC/CMI stuff.


Reading about MBO (Management by Objectives) was interesting. I hope filling out the MBOs is read carefully and appropriately used for rankings.


Give me a break !!!


Good luck D and H for your jobs! A new chapter begins today and wish you good luck to crack the same.


The feedback session was really great! Hopefully they will take actions on the feedback that they gather across the organization and do something about it.


Need some magic here…


The best part of the trip is described by this phrase “an icthy stithcky, effusively sentimental reunion of two buddies…” :-). Enjoyed Florida.


Hamsi just finished an awesome defense…can we call it “Defense of the Century”…


It was great fun to have Sovrin over the weekend – just like the erratic trips we always have, the ticket was priced double and the vacation was skewed by a week. Miami downtown, Martini/Margarita, Golf, Shopping – it was all good fun. 5 more weeks and we shall be in SanD!


Arthur C. Clarke any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


X10 is very very very coool


Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like you do when nobody’s watching.


Man! What a thrilling experience it was. Falling from 14000 ft, I dropped 9000ft in less than a minute before the parachute was opened. It was just crazy!!

Truly unforgettable. I will upload the video and stills shortly.




Naples beach on Saturday and sky diving in Sebastian on Sunday. Isn’t that an awesome plan! Looking forward to it.

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