May 192004

Orkut is just too cool… I was surprised I didnt try it all this while.

May 122004

I like this new blogging interface…

May 122004

Let me see if this works…

May 092004

Easy like a sunday morning….

May 082004

Somehow am not feeling good today. Looks like getting back to prep will refuel my energy. Here I come…

May 062004

Just got my crowning done today. Its an extremely irritating thing…

Apr 272004

Finally looks like I am going to have my website backup. Some b****d stole away my Learnt a lesson – never procrastinate procuring your domain name.

Nov 102003

The Sanibel Captiva trip was just fantastic. We had a pretty good time out there. Check out the snaps in the personal section. Cheers!

Nov 052003

“…corporate culture should be nurturing and developmental rather than survival-of-the-fittest” – Kevin Rollins, President, Dell

Oct 272003

Diwali in this side of the world is only about exchanging emails and phone calls. Anyways, Happy Diwali to everyone out there!

Oct 272003

Its been a long time since I posted anything here!

Oct 062003

Chicago trip was just fabulous!

Sep 222003

Nothing can be worse than a Monday morning!

Sep 152003

Give me a break!

Sep 112003

Sometimes you dont feel like talking to a single person. TV or a movie seems to be the best friend during such times. The only thing is that the ‘single person’ does not stop asking ‘why?’.

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