Jun 132005

Need a change, enough of this bull s#!@

Jun 102005

Never quit.
Never do the expected.
Never rest on your laurels.
Never think great is good enough.

Jun 062005

How do I make a difference?

Jun 042005

“To Sir, with Love” – Sydney Poitier What a movie!!

Jun 042005

Yet another weekend is here, hurrah!! I have so much to do :(

Jun 042005

I was sure that it would come back, have a gut feeling about it.

May 292005

For some reason I went into that folder and was reminded of that time :( … the world is so different now.

May 282005

The pigeon seems to be coming back …

May 282005

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything. Check out this website has links and resources to learning and understanding about product management, marketing etc. for technology.

Nov 142004

“What to do, what not to do”, it the eternal question. No one ever has a clear answer!!

Nov 142004

We receive three educations: one from our parents, one from our schoolmaster, and one from the world. The third contradicts all that the first two teach us.

Oct 052004

Never imagined it would be so much work. But I am having fun!!

Aug 272004

“I want you to get back to your office right now!”.

Aug 112004

A successful career is a marathon and not a sprint.

Jul 272004

Haha!! Abhinav had the ultimate L statement there in previous blog hahaha…

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